Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Rainy Day In Georgia

Georgia Central; Macon, Ga.; March 16, 2014
In our last post we went from Florida sunshine into the rain at Georgia, finishing up at the Georgia Central's yard in Macon. We wanted to chase the railroad's fleet of old General Electric U23B locomotives on Monday's train, and Macon seemed like a good place to start. After a few night shots on Sunday night, we retreated to the motel and returned on Monday morning to threatening skies.

Friendly employees at the office filled us in on the day's activities. The train would first work a few industries at the southeast end of the yard to start the day. We soon shot the quartet of "U-Boats" as they made their way through the rain to a scrap dealer.
Georgia Central; Macon, Ga.; March 17, 2014
Once done there, it was off to the Norfolk Southern yard in town to pick up any cars that came in for the Georgia Central over the weekend. The big GE locomotives are likely on borrowed time, as the Georgia Central is owned by short line conglomerate Genesee & Wyoming Industries, which has a history of shuffling locomotives between its operations and divesting itself of older power.
Georgia Central; Macon, Ga.; March 17, 2014
Interchange work took most of the morning, and the rain only got worse. By early afternoon the road freight was ready to depart. The road freight would be heading east towards Dudley, and soon the chase was on over rain-soaked roadways.
Georgia Central; Jeffersonville, Ga.; March 17, 2014
The signature building in the town of Jeffersonville is the Twiggs County court house, built in 1903. We got the train passing there in heavy rain.
Georgia Central; Jeffersonville, Ga.; March 17, 2014
From here it was off to Snow's Pond just east of Jeffersonville. The rain had pretty much stopped as we got the shot near the spillway.
Georgia Central; Snow's Pond, Jeffersonville, Ga.; March 17, 2014
Small towns are located on the line east of Jeffersonville with some nice Southern charm. Allentown even has a classic Coca-Cola sign painted on a brick building.
Georgia Central; Allentown, Ga.; March 17, 2014
The train vanished into a paper mill west of Dudley. By the time the train got back on the road, darkness had settled in.
Georgia Central; Dudley, Ga.; March 17, 2014
The train tied up for the night shortly thereafter, so we headed to the railroad's main shop complex east of Lyons for a few quick photos. The rain started again shortly thereafter.
Georgia Central; Lyons, Ga.; March 17, 2014
The next day we were along the eastern end of the railroad in Savannah, and wrapped up our rainy visit watching switching operations at International Paper. It was a great two days of listening to the sounds of burbling hard-working GE U-Boats, even if the weather was challenging. More photos from the trip can be found here.
Georgia Central; Savannah, Ga.; March 18, 2014

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